The Chapellerie Dandurand & Sons collaborates with small and known creators as a maker. Specialist in the manufacture of « cut-and-sewn » cap related articles, we work out all kind of knitwear, such as cotton, linen, cashmere, silk to the noblest leathers. Lamb, goat, crocodile, Ostrich, Iguana, Perch, sheep, via some furs such as mink, fox,  L’orylag

Our design office is all ears out to help you build your collections, from sketches, inspiring pictures or existing patterns to make up together your vision of caps and hats….. Our knowledge of the product is at your disposal, as well as our sensitivity of milliner.

The digitization of all of our patterns being adjusted for decades, the computerization of the designing tool give us a reactivity and a precision able to cater to each and every single demand

Our cutting workshop comprises of: a model maker, 2 CAO cutters and a leather specialist.


Our production workshop, our little precious hands, comprises 10 experts and internally trained into this intergeneration knowledge. Through our team versatility and the continual evolution equipment, we offer a ‘tailor made’ service adapted to the small, medium and large series… A strict quality control, we follow all the models from their creation to expedition.

The finishing service comprises 4 persons, follows this hand-crafted adventure in the respect of the requirements and the attention to detail for a final meticulous control.

The bichonage on wooden or copper form as well as the stuffing are two main steps, coming from our hat maker traditions.

Carnet de notes et dessins de Dandurand


The EPV label (Heritage Alive Company) is a recognition of the State setted up to distinguish the French companies for excellence handcrafted and industrial expertise.

The French excellence highlighted by the EPV label –  Heritage Alive company.

Unique State distinction together with the recognition of exceptional know-how, the EPV label wishes to enhance the French companies of excellence to support its growth.

Innovation and tradition are the main attractive features of the French cottage industry.

Positioned amongst the first world craft power, France benefits of the mastery of traditional and rare know-how, often linked to art and culture as well as technology innovation.

The use of his asset inside companies looking towards excellence allows the finest making of products with high added value, internationally recognized.

Fashion, beauty, decoration, cuisine but also samples fabrication, professional equipment, optical or leisure are part of the French cutting edge field.

In…. we have received the EPV label and it is with great pride, that our …. Has been extended in….

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


MODE GRAND OUEST (West Fashion Industry)

Born in 1936, the ‘Syndicat Patronal des Confectionneurs de la Région Choletaise’ became the ‘Groupement des Industries de l’Habillement de la Région Choletaise’ in 1979.

West Fashion Industry, totalizes today 105 members spread in the Big West : makers, branded companies, services and accessories companies, clothing and partners.

It is the French association reuniting the highest number of fashion enterprises in the hexagon with the know-how of an exceptional quality all industries together.

Pôle Mode