Who are we ?

Wilfried Guilment Dandurand

Soon, our name will have stood for two centuries which will be looking down upon us.

I think that Raoul Dandurand, who founded the compagny that bears his name at Fontenay-le-Comte in 1887, would be proud of how far we have come.

Trough the generations, my forebears have done more than just pass on a “business”; they have passed on an entire philosophy, a vision and above all else: a love of the hatmaker’s craft.

There are probably a thousand ways of exercising this profession, but for our grat family of craftsmen, the factual knowledge we have inherited cannot be separated from the concepts of respect, nobility, and the importance of detail that have also been handed down.

Working under the Torpedo name since the 1950s, we have raised our standards to the high levels that French haute couture expects, and reached a status of excellence in the field of intenational ready-to-wear, proving equal to the challenges of both these fascinating and ever-changing worlds.

By remaining true to the three pillars on which our know-how is built – quality, style, comfort – our small factory in the Vendée area of France has established a worldwide reputation, and today enjoys the stature of a major hatmaker.

Raoul Dandurand and all those who have followed him have left us the gratest of legacies: passion for a job well done.

Haute couture française